25 Senior Discounts That Social Security Won't Tell You About

There's no reason why every senior doesn't take advantage of these incredible discounts & offers available to them.

In today's world, the dollar doesn't go as far as it once did. And it seems that the ones that are hit the hardest in today's economy are retirees who are generally on a strict budget.

Fortunately, there are some incredible discounts & special offers available to save folks a lot of money. Use this guide to see how much you could save! Don't be surprised if you haven't seen some of these before!

1. Save On Your Property Taxes

Did you know that every state has some sort of property-tax benefit for seniors? Several states have programs that freeze property taxes completely for seniors, and 10 limit how much a property's tax value can increase. Also, the homestead exemption can be larger when a homeowner reaches a certain age. (The larger the exemption, the lower the tax.) In Colorado, seniors 65 and older can exempt up to 50% of their residence's first $200,000 in value.

Check with your local township to see ensure you're getting the senior discount!

2. Born Before 1985? Get Up To $185,000 To Use However You'd Like In Thanks To The Government Insured "FaCOP" Initiative

Don't expect banks to tell you this, but they can't stop you from doing it either...

Still unknown to many is a brilliant government insured refi plan called the FHA Cash-Out Plan (FaCOP) that could benefit millions of homeowners and give them up to $185,000 in cash to use however they'd like! You could bet the banks aren't too thrilled about losing all that profit from high interest loans and might secretly hope homeowners don't find out before this program ends for good.

American homeowners are paying for their home renovations, funding their business, paying off debts & even taking vacations - All thanks to the government's home "cash out" option that is now available. Home values are through the roof right now and smart homeowners are taking advantage of their huge equity in their house and getting up to $185,000 back! There is NO COST to see if you qualify either.

So while the banks happily wait for this program to end, experts are making a nationwide push and urging homeowners to take advantage. This program currently exists as of , but with national economic uncertainty, it could be pulled away from homeowners at any time. But the good news is that once you're approved, you're in. If getting up to $185,000 to use however you'd like sounds good, it's vital you act now and see if you could qualify for FaCOP now.

URGENT: So many homeowners could still benefit today, but sadly, many perceive FaCOP to be too good to be true. Remember, FaCOP could give you up to $185,000 & there's absolutely NO COST to see if you qualify. See how much you could get »

How Do I Qualify?

This is only available to current homeowners.

Step 1: Click your state on the map to instantly check your eligibility for free.

Step 2: View your cash-out offer and claim it! Click here to get your new rate.

Select Your State:

Yes! I Want To Check My Eligibility Now »

3. Slash Your Cellphone Bill

Did you know that many of the large phone companies offers special discounts to senior citizens? These discounts add up quick!

AT&T: AT&T offers a special Senior Nation Plan for account holders 65 or older for $29.99/mo. It has 200 Anytime Minutes, Mobile to Mobile Minutes, and Nights and Weekends, without roaming and long distance charges.

Verizon Wireless: Verizon Wireless offers a special 55 plus nationwide unlimited talk and text service plan to customers who are 55 or older. Check to see if your location offer this with Verizon.

Consumer Cellular: Consumer Cellular offers AARP members who are 50 or older exclusive savings on monthly service charges in addition to discounts on accessories.

4. Seniors With $24,000 or More in Card Debt Use This Brilliant Debt Payoff Plan

With the skyrocketing cost of living in the United States, more and more adults are struggling with financial debt than ever before. And with interest rates snowballing the amount owed, paying your card balances can seem like a trap that can never be escaped. Here's what the banks don't want you to know...

For anyone over the age of 40 that owes $24,000 or more in card debt, this debt relief program can greatly reduce the amount of money owed. The program can resolve debt without a loan – allowing many to become totally debt free in just 24 – 48 months.

Americans can pay for their home renovations, fund their business, & even take a vacation - All thanks to the savings they could get through this option. Credit Card interest is through the roof right now and smart Americans are taking advantage and using this debt relief method to pay off over $24,000 of their debts! There are no signup fees and it's 100% free to see if you're eligible.

So while the banks and credit card companies hope you don't see this, we are making a nationwide push and urging people with over $20,000 in credit card debt to take advantage. This program currently exists, but with national economic uncertainty, it's vital you apply now. But the good news is that once you're approved, you're in. If resolving over $20,000 in credit card debt sounds good, it's vital you act now and see if you could qualify now.

URGENT: So many Americans could still benefit today, but sadly, many perceive this program to be too good to be true. Remember, it could give you relief of over $20,000 of credit card debt & there's absolutely NO COST to see if you qualify. See how much you could get »

How Do I Check My Eligibility?

You Should Have Over $20,000 In Credit Card Debt and Live In The USA.

Step 1: Click your state below & answer a few questions to instantly check your eligibility for free.

Step 2: See how much debt relief you can get! Click here to start »

Select Your State:

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5. Airlines Offering Senior Discounts

Here are some senior discounts you can use when flying:

Southwest Airlines: Offers various discounts for 65 and over

United Airlines: Offers senior fares to selected travel destinations for customers who are 65 and older. Ask for more details on these great fares when you make your reservation or select the seniors (age 65 and older) category when you make your booking on united.com.

American Airlines: Offers special deals for those who select the 65+ passenger option when booking a flight.

6. Can't Sleep? Get a Sample of GNC's #1 Sleep Probiotic To Try

If you have trouble sleeping and also deal with gut issues, you've got to give Peptiva Nighttime Probiotic a try.

Peptiva helped break the stereotype that probiotics are only for people looking to fix their stomach issues. Peptiva's groundbreaking formula also helps de-stress so you can enjoy a deeper, more satisfying sleep. GNC stores secured the exclusive rights to Peptiva's US launch, but you won't find this exclusive sample offer there.

Dr. David Katz, a health and wellness thought leader and the Director and Co-founder of the Yale Prevention Research Center, helped formulate a groundbreaking probiotic supplement.

The key ingredients in Peptiva include a powerful combination of 6 clinically validated probiotic strains, which are also guaranteed to keep their potency up to the expiration date (many probiotics are only guaranteed at the time of manufacturing.)

Benefits include being less bloated, having embarrassing digestive issues vanish, less frequent bathroom trips and amazing sleep through the night. GNC stores secured the exclusive retail rights to Peptiva’s US launch but may soon be available in Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Walgreens and more. Right now new customers can try Peptiva to see how it works for them.

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7. Travel

Here are some senior discounts you can use when traveling (train and car rental):

Greyhound: 5% off for 62 and over

Amtrak: 10% off for 65 and over

Hertz Car Rental: various discounts to those 50 and over

Avis: up to 30% off to AARP members

Payless Car Rental: various discounts to AARP members

8. Go On A Cruise

Is a cruise on your bucket list? Checkout these generous discounts with these cruises:

Carnival: savings on cruises for 55 and over

Royal Caribbean: reduced prices for 55 and over

9. Best Reward Cards of 2023 With $200 Bonus

As we put the pandemic into the rear view (officially “over” on May 11th, 2023!), we’re seeing bigger bonuses as companies compete for your wallet.

We took a comprehensive look at the top offerings in the industry to see which are the best for everyday purchases, business expenses, luxury spending and beyond. These are, hands down, this year's best cash rewards cards!

Earn unlimited 3x points on restaurants, gas stations, travel, phone plans, and more! Plus 1x on other purchases. There’s very few cards out there offering unlimited 3x points on such timely categories – this is almost unheard of for a no annual fee cards.

Earn 20,000 bonus points ($200 cash redemption value) when you spend $1,000 in the first 3 months. Getting $200 cash redemption value for your first $1,000 in spend — that’s like getting 20% cash back!

They also offer one of the largest welcome bonuses we’ve seen for a no annual fee credit cards.

These cards are for anyone who loves a great bargain because there are no messy rotating categories and rewards do not expire. This level of insanely high bonus is almost unheard of for a $0 annual fee cards.

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10. Health Discounts for Seniors

Health related expenses can add up quick for seniors. Be sure to use these:

RiteAid: Offers a wellness 65+ program for seniors that includes 20% off of purchases on the first Wednesday of each month. The program also includes a free consultation with a pharmacist.

RxFreeCard:: Includes discounts on prescriptions for seniors.

Atera Spas: Includes special prices on products for seniors.

AARP prescription savings: Members save an average of 61% on FDA-approved prescriptions not covered by insurance.

11. Check For Mistakes With Your Social Security

You get a Social Security statement every year. Do not assume it is accurate. Check the numbers and report any errors to the Social Security Administration.

Remember, your benefits are based on the average of your 35 highest-earning years. A miscalculation for even one or two of those years could impact your benefit for the rest of your life.

12. Go Shopping... For A Discount!

Don't go shopping without knowing these superb discounts:

Goodwill: 10% off for 60 and over on Tuesdays

Michaels: 10% off for 55 and over

Hy-Vee: 5% off every Wednesday for 55 and over

Jo-Ann: a senior discount day that included 20% off for 55 and over

Kohl's: 15% discount for 60 and over on Wednesdays

Rite Aid: various discounts for 65 and over including 20% on the first Wednesday of each month

Walgreens: discounts for 55 and over or AARP members

Habitat for Humanity Restore: 20% off on Thursday for 55 and over at select locations

13. Take a Trip To The Theatre

Love seeing a good flick at your local theatre? Here are the top theatre discounts for seniors.

Regal Entertainment Group: Regal Entertainment Group offers up to 30% discount off the regular adult ticket price for ages 60+ (Check your local theatre)

AMC Theatres: AMC Theatres offers discounted ticket prices to customers who are 60 or older with valid photo identification.

Marcus Theatres: Every Friday Marcus Theatres has special admission prices for anyone age 60 and over. Come and enjoy a movie at any Marcus Theatres with our Young at Heart special – only $6.00 for any show that starts before 5:30 PM. Additional charges apply for 3D features. Young at Heart program valid for patrons age 60 and over. Additional charge for 3D, 4DX, UltraScreen DLX, SuperScreen DLX and IMAX. Admission and concession specials available for Friday showtimes before 5:30pm.

Showcase Cinemas: For our patrons, age 60 and older, we offer Senior Wednesdays. Discounted admission is $7.50. Plus enjoy a popcorn & soda for only $4.50

Landmark Theatres: Landmark Theatres has over 50 locations nationwide and offers senior discount pricing at nearly all of them! To find out the senior ticket price for your local Landmark all you have to do is click on your desired showtime and you will be taken to a pricing page - landmarktheatres.com/?portal

14. Ace Hardware Offers a Senior Discount!

Ace Hardware is a great store for quick shopping and friendly service. And what makes shopping there even better for seniors is that they now offer a 10% senior discount! This does vary by location, so give your local Ace Hardware a call and see if they offer it.

15. Auto Service Discounts

Is your car due for service? Be sure to use these:

Pep Boys: 10% off for 55 and over

Jiffy Lube: 10% off for 55 and over

16. Protect Your Retirement Savings From Inflation

For a long time, the wealthy have been aware that GOLD is the ultimate safeguard against economic uncertainty and inflation. Given the present high inflation rates, investing in gold is a straightforward way to diversify your portfolio. This can help safeguard your 401k and/or IRA.

Our complimentary gold investment handbook provides you with clear instructions on how to invest in gold promptly and with ease (it's no more complicated than buying stocks). Don't procrastinate any further, secure your finances against an unstable economy by investing in gold today.

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17. Special Cash-Out Program Allows Homeowners To Get Up To $185,000

The greatest cash-out program in history offers qualified homeowners a big pay day, but the banks have been keeping this a secret!

When homeowners visit the CashOut Quiz website, they may be surprised to find out that they qualify for up to $185,000 cash-out payment that could help make home improvements, take a vacation, pay off debts, and more.

Still unknown to many, this brilliant cash out program can provide up to $185,000 to qualified homeowners. Most homeowners use this cash for home remodelling and repairs but you can use it however you want.

It’s hard to believe that this program exists but it has already helped tens of thousands of homeowners. It still could help thousands - if only more homeowners would apply.

As you know, good things don’t last forever, so if improving your home, paying off debt, or even just taking the cash for a vacation or new car would help you, it’s smart to act now.

Many homeowners could still be eligible for this cash-out program and could access up to $185,000. Remember, this is a free program and there is absolutely NO COST to see if you qualify. Find out if you qualify for free »

How Do I Check My Eligibility?

Step 1: Click your state below & answer a few questions to instantly check your eligibility for free.

Step 2: See how much cash-out payment you can get! Click here to start »

Select Your State:

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18. Senior Discounts at Your Grocery Store

Did you know that many grocery stores offer senior discounts? Here are the best senior discounts at your local grocery stores!

American Discount Stores: 10% off every Monday (62+)

Fred Meyer: Senior Discount: 10% – 15%, depending on dept., first Tuesday of each month (55+)

New Seasons: 10% off every Wednesday most items (65+), 10% off every Tuesday for military

Publix: Publix grocery stores have discontinued their weekly discount for senior shoppers. "Effective Dec. 27th, Publix will no longer offer the 5 percent senior discounts to customers."

19. Stay At Your Favorite Hotel

Here are some senior discounts you can use at hotel chains:

Best Western: up to 15% off for 55 and over

Choice Hotels: 10% off for 60 and over (or AARP members)

Hampton: 10% off for AARP members

Holiday Inn: discounts to 62 and over

Marriott: 15% off to 62 and over

Red Roof: 10% off for 59 and over

Motel 6: 10% off to 60 and over

Super 8: discounts for 60 and over

20. Go Out To Eat

Here are some awesome senior discounts at popular restaurants:

Applebees: 10% discount

Burger King: 10% discount and discounts on drink items

Denny's: senior menu with discounted prices

IHOP: senior menu as well as 10% off

Sonic: 10% discount

Golden Corral: discounted menu prices for 60 and over

Subway: 10% discount

Wendy's: free drink (or 10% at some locations)

Outback Steakhouse: 10% off for AARP members

White Castle: 10% off for 55 and over

21. Seniors To Get Major Prescription Discounts in 2023 Thanks To This Program!

Did you know AARP has a rewards program? Members earn 50% more points on activities. AARP’s mission is to empower people to choose how they live as they age. At $12 a year with auto-renew, AARP provides access to hundreds of benefits that help you live your best life. This includes prescription discounts, health and financial tools, volunteering opportunities, travel and restaurant discounts, to everything in between. If it has to do with enriching the lives of people 50-plus, this is what AARP is all about!

Become A Member Now »

22. Health and Beauty Discounts

Here are some various discounts that could certainly be useful:

Great Clips: Great Clips offers various discounts for seniors

YMCA: YMCA offers discounted membership fees for 65 and over

23. Get Rid Of Your Unused Timeshare Legally With This New Program!

Are you tired of paying fees for a Timeshare you don't use? Worried about passing those fees and troubles on to your loved ones?

If so, now is the time to legally and securely cancel your timeshare. Just enter some basic info for a free consultation with a professional who will help answer all your timeshare exit questions!

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24. Veterans Get a Generous Discount at Lowes

All active military and veterans are entitled to get a 10% discount on all in-store purchases at Lowe's.

To make it even better, Lowe's extends this offer to their spouses! Need new tools? How about new appliances? How about a kitchen remodel? Lowe's carries a variety of things, so take advantage of this incredible discount!

25. Seniors With Bad Knees Get A Two Week Supply Of GNC's #1 Joint Compound Instaflex Advanced To Try This Week

If you deal with joint discomfort, you need to see how you can claim a 2-week sample of GNC's #1 Joint Compound to try.

Formulated by renowned Doctor, David Katz, Instaflex Advanced has become the best selling joint solution product at GNC and Walgreens. Thousands of seniors across the US and Canada are enjoying joint relief everyday with it.

The best part? You only have to take 1 small capsule a day and many start to feel a difference very quickly!

The company behind Instaflex Advanced has agreed to allow new customers to try a sample throughout 2023. You can go to their website by clicking the button below to claim your sample to try. Samples ship within 24-48 hours, so you'll have it quickly too!

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And that's a wrap! If you found these savings tips useful, please share our page with friends and family!

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